The Origin of 918KISS

Millions of people know about 918KISS. But none of them know where does it come from, nor the background of it.

It’s 100% made in Malaysia. It’s indeed, one of the proudest achievements made by Malaysian, given its powerful appearance in the South East Asian region.

There is rarely people talking about the founding history of 918KISS. Why is that so? Let us bring you to dig into the top secrets.

Pak Adit – The Founder of 918KISS

Don’t be surprised when you see this Malay name – Pak Adit. Yes, he is the founder and the first CEO of the infamous 918KISS. Born in 1957, Pak Adit is in fact a mix of Chinese and Malay. He was born in the Northern region of Malaysia.

Pak Adit - Founder of 918KISS

Pak Adit, 1961

We only have a photo of Pak Adit when he was 4 years old. It was said that Pak Adit was a genius when he was in school. Although being born in a poor family, Pak Adit was discovered with his extraordinary talents in the field of engineering.

Pak Adit was dropped out from high school, as his family can’t afford to pay for his tuition fees anymore. Nonetheless, he got himself job in Kedai Runcit (convenience store in Malay), while he continued to study computer science in University of Malaya. 

Since then, Pak Adit had experienced ups and downs in his life. At the age of 40, he faced the biggest challenge in his life ever – bankruptcy. Amid financial crisis in 1997, Pak Adit lost all his fortunes in a failed business. That was the darkest times throughout his life.

However, he never give up on himself. He realised slot game is in fact a very good product to make profits during economic crisis. People always seek for windfall profits during downtimes. He gathers some of his old colleagues from IT field, and starting to code his first slot game – SCR888.

In 2001, SCR888 made its first debut in PC version. It was considered a huge success as it quickly becomes the largest slot game brand in Malaysia with more than million players. The game saved a lot people from post-financial crisis, it tends to comfort people’s mental condition. This is how Pak Adit made his first bucket of gold.

In the early 2010s, Pak Adit started to predict that slot game players will eventually move from PC version to smartphones. He then started to develop for mobile version when nobody else in the market does. The first Android APK version was introduced in the year of 2015, subsequently with the Apple IOS version.

SCR888 was then renamed to 918KISS in 2018, given heavy pressure imposed by the local authority, as 918KISS is too popular as an illegal online gambling product in Malaysia. This is how Pak Adit built 918KISS from nothing about 20 years ago.

How Did 918KISS Become the Most Played Mobile Slot Games in Malaysia?

There is more than 30 slot game brands in the local online gambling industry. Well, how did 918KISS stand out from the crowd?


Many slot game operators aim to make huge profits from their players. Traditionally, they tend to offer lower winning payout. 918KISS is considered the game-changing slot game brand as it is the first who recognise the upmost importance of winning ratio.

“You can’t go far without players”, motto said by Pak Adit. He has placed great focuses on the mental perspective of players all the time. He even hired a professional team of psychologists to study the mental behaviours of slot games players in Malaysia.

Finally, he came out with a secret formula, and that becomes the winning payout algorithm of 918KISS today. High winning ratio doesn’t mean all players are compensated by huge winning amount everyday. It’s simply a payout pattern that would offer the greatest fun and entertainment to players. 

This is why most players are addicted to 918KISS. You can’t find another slot game brand offering exactly the same player experience, just not as great as 918KISS.

How to Download 918KISS on Your Smartphones?

It ain’t hard to download 918KISS on your phones. It is available in Android APK and Apple IOS version. So, get yourself an Android or Apple phone before downloading the game.

There are many download sites for 918KISS slot games. Some of them might contain viruses or malwares that could possible bring harms to your phone. The recommended method is to download from the one true official download site:

It is absolutely safe and secured to download from official download site. Just in case you don’t know how to download the game properly, you can always check with 918KISS Malaysia to find out the proper download methods.

For your information, it’s really really important to choose the authentic download source, to avoid downloading counterfeit 918KISS games. You can possible lose money to these counterfeit games as they are using a completely different slot game engine to run the games.

How to Differentiate 918KISS and KISS918?

Many people can’t differentiate 918KISS and KISS918. Let me tell you, they are exactly the same thing. They are the same slot game. 

It’s just different way to call the slot game. In the Northern part of Malaysia, players used to call it KISS918. This could be due to the fact that most Thai call it KISS918 in Thailand. Northern Malaysia is connecting to Thailand.

In the middle region as well as Southern part of Malaysia, people used to call it 918KISS, which is also the most popular name of this legendary slot game. It used to be called as SCR888, but that was like two years ago. Since then, they have abandoned the old name due to increasing pressure from the local authority.

Proven Tips to Win Big from 918KISS

Many people claim that they provide real tips to win big fro 918KISS. I’m pretty skeptical. As one of the ex-staff in 918KISS, I know there is only a few people who possess the knowledge to consistently win from 918KISS. 

Today, I’m gonna share with you some of the useful tips to win big:

  • Healthy mentality: Make sure you are under healthy mental condition before betting slot games. This is very important for you to make rational betting decision. One can’t possibly win big from 918KISS by making consistent irrational betting decision.
  • Sufficient betting capital: You must have at least RM1K in your pocket to bet efficiently in 918KISS slot games. Anything below that would be too little to deploy your online betting strategy. It’s nearly impossible for you to win all the way from the beginning, there will be ups and downs. You need enough capital to go through all kind of situations.
  • Increase chances of winning by playing popular slot games: Select the most played games to bet as it will increase your chances to win. How? Thing of the prizes as a big pool, more people betting, the bigger will be the prize pool, and more likely it will compensate slot game players.